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Alumax Products


ALUMAX ACP Exteriors

Alumax panels can be fabricated in customized shapes and sizes to deliver a crisp, clean uncompromising aesthetic with a premium look. In addition to the endless design possibilities, Alumax Panels are known for its superior strength, lightweight design, durability, an array of color finishes.

We are currently producing the ACP panels in various colors and sizes as per the market standards. The panels are produced in different sizes like 1.22mx2.44m, 1.22mx3.05m, and 1.22mx3.66m,1.50mx3.050m, and length can be extended to 7.0m. Alumax panels are also available in various thicknesses from 3 mm to 6 mm. We also produce customized and special sized panels, according to the needs and requirements of the end-users to help them to reduce the wastage.

Alumax-FR Aluminium Composite Panel is Alumax‘s new range of fire retardant panels, With the state of the art technology, Alumax is the only producer of FR grade ACP in Nigeria and one of the few dependable manufacturers of the same globally. Alumax-FR can be used in buildings and spaces where fire ratings are stringent. Airports, railway stations, amusement parks, etc. are perfect examples of projects with strict specifications for safety yet with a need of rich aesthetics. Firewall is the best fit for all such applications.

ACP Chiefbond